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Understanding and Learning The Chant Of an Auctioneer

If you have ever heard an auctioneer chant it almost sounds like they are talking a totally different language. But, believe it or not there is a rhyme and reason to the way the auctioneer talks. Part of it is to make it more exciting and that is the reason for the speed of the chant and the rhythm of the chant makes it almost musical like. If you have any interest in speaking like one here are some common tips on how to do so.

First off you need to understand the chant itself. To a lot of people the chant that comes from the auctioneers mouth simply sounds like a bunch of garbled noise. But it does serve it's purpose and really doesn't contain any kind of gibberish. It is simply composed of two parts. The numbers and then the filler. The numbers are simply the bids that are being made and the filler is the different words that will connect those numbers and continually keep all of the buyers informed of who has the high bid for the item up for auction.

Creating a simple and basic chant can be done by doing something like this, “Five dollars, now 6, now6, will you give me 6? Six dollars, now 7, now 7, will you give me 7” You can come up with your own by adding your own personality and by also keeping it as simple as possible for you and the people listening to you.

After you have figured out a chant you then need to give it some kind of rhythm. The rhythm of the chant is what will let the auctioneer talk as fast as he does. It's almost like singing so when you practice you should try practicing with a metronome. This way you can increase the tempo of your chant with the metronome until you can go as fast as you can and still be able to talk clearly for people to understand.

After you have a rhythm and chant chosen it's a good idea if you work on the filler of your chant. Remember these need to be concise words and no gibberish. The filler is to keep the people at the auction informed of where the bidding stands. Make sure you try to include who has the bid, info about the item and always make sure that you have an open ended question.

If you have a little bit of a problem with the speed of your chant you can always try slurring the filler words just a little bit. This seems to give the illusion that you are talking faster than you really are. But you really need to be careful because if you slur the filler words too much it really will begin to sound like gibberish to other people.

Remember that the speed is important and it has two purposes. It will help the auctioneer get through all of the items up for sale a lot faster and it also helps to keep the excitement level up for those that are bidding. You also need to add excitement to your speech when you are chanting. The more excited you sound the more excited the bidders will be.

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